New to Online Gaming? Get Your Welcome Bonus

If you are new to the world of online casino gaming, then you should find out about the welcome bonus that every online casino now offers as a sign-up bonus. In the UK, the competition between every online casino is fierce. They all want your business. With many of the same great games being hosted on different online casino sites, once of the ways an online casino can really distinguish itself is by offering a great welcome bonus. The welcome bonus, also referred to as a sign up bonus, is an amount of free GBP equivalent credits that the online casino adds to your account as soon as you make your first GBP deposit. You can use these bonus credits the way you would use any credits. You can place wagers with them and if you win, you can watch your credit account keep climbing.

Using the Welcome Bonus

When you take full advantage of the welcome bonus, you can really maximize your GBP account. Now every casino has slightly different sign up bonus rules, so it pays to do your research and see what the best welcome bonus at the moment is. For some online casino, the welcome bonus is a set amount that you get after deposit more than a specified minimum of GBP. Another online casino may offer a matching program for the sign up bonus. In other words, if you deposit, say 25 GBP, they will add another 25 GBP credits to your accounts. Remember, you cannot immediately withdraw these bonus credits as cash. Rather use them to place bets and after you win a certain number of times, then they become equal to regular cash and can be withdrawn from the casino.

Getting a Second and Third Welcome Bonus

There are some people who move on to a new casino once they have used up their sign up bonus. It actually would make sense to do so unless there was a better reason to stay at a single online casino. That is why every online casino just about has also introduced player loyalty programs. These programs can be even better than the welcome bonus. They reward those who wager above a certain amount each month. Basically, they function like a frequent flyer program for those who like to play in an online casino. But to get started on any of these programs, the first step is to find the best welcome bonus and play it through. Also, keep in mind that the specific terms of the bonus programs always change so keep checking back to see what you favorite casino will offer you to play there.