Welcome Bonus Brings in High Win

Today every online casino offers different online bonus opportunities to entice and welcome players to their casino but it is not very often that the welcome bonus brings in a winner at such a high level. At Gaming Club Casino recently a new player from Australia who had just signed up to the casino bonus started playing Mad Hatter slots and within a few free spins found himself with more than $12000 in his pocket. Not only has this incredible win made Mr. Tuhi loyal to Gaming Club Casino but it also proves that you really can be a winner from the welcome bonus.

Free Spins Casino Bonus

The welcome bonus of any online casino is designed to attract each and every player to the casino. Many online casino players are skeptical about the casino bonus and think that they cannot become a winner from free spins at the beginning of the game or that there is a catch to the free spins or casino bonus. But the truth of the matter is, which has been proven by Mr. Tuhi, you really can win from the welcome bonus. Mr. Tuhi received 10 free spins before he even registered or placed a cent in bets to the casino and during his free spins he was astounded to find that he had won over $12000. In order to claim the $12000 all that he had to do was deposit $30 into his new casino account and the money from the free spins became his and he a big winner. IN addition at Gaming Club Casino he also received a match up casino bonus which matched his first deposit 100%.

Many Winner Names from Welcome Bonus Opportunities

After a big win like Mr. Tuhi received it is a wonder that he still wants to carry on playing at online casinos but he truly believes that this particular casino not only offers the best in a welcome bonus but also the ongoing casino bonus offers that they have are generous and easy to understand. Many online casinos offer the welcome bonus in a number of different ways as a match up casino bonus to the money deposited or as free spins or even free tournament entries but not every casino stands by its commitment to the casino bonus and has such a good record of paying out to each and every winner. On the home page of Gaming Club casino you can find a list of all of the people who have become a winner and the amounts that they have won. With so much to offer it is a wonder that other casinos do not also adopt this welcome bonus.