Phantom Cash

Now is the time to enjoy the ghoulish world of the spirits. Phantom Cash is so much fun that it will set you in the Halloween spirit - all year round! Get in the spirit of the game with Phantom Cash – the ghoulish 25 line casino bonus game that has everyone talking. This game includes vivid graphics with ghosts and a surreal, antique feel to it. The sound effects, as well, create a mysterious, other-worldy feeling to the game. It’s one of the bonus slots games that offers players a great deal of entertainment and mutli-layers of fun and excitement.

All About Phantom Cash

Now, when you first start out with Phantom Cash you’ll see that your job is to capture the ghosts as the reels spin. There are two wild symbols including the Thurmingham on the first reel and the Carstairs on the fifth reel. Both of these will double your payout when they are used in winning combinations. There are two bonus rounds as well with the casino bonus game. With the Free Spins feature, you’ll win a bonus prize for each ghost that Thurmingham and Carstairs help you to capture.

More Fun with Phantom Cash

In addition, there are other great ways to win cash with this bonus slots games fun. If you get a ghost with more than one stream it will increase your wins by doubling the Bonus Prize. If you’ve got both Thurningham and Carstairs then you’ll actually get four times the Bonus Prize. And, with the casino bonus fun, a retrigger will reset your ghost meter so you’ll have even more space to capture more ghosts. All of this adds up to great fun with the ghoulishly, ghostly game that is fun year round. Certainly, now is the time of year for spirits and goblins, but Phantom Cash is so fun that it will keep you wanting more no matter when you play it.