The Loyalty Bonus is a Very Worthwhile Online Casino Bonus

The main purpose of the online casino bonus called the loyalty bonus is to reward consistent players at a particular online casino for their loyalty to that specific casino, and to keep them wanting to return and gamble only at that site.

How the Loyalty Bonus Works

The loyalty bonus works in several ways. Online casino gamblers at a specific site who place large bets will usually be invited to become a member of that casino's Loyalty Club without any waiting time. The Loyalty Club generally rewards the player with points for certain betting amounts, and these points can usually be turned into playing cash. This loyalty bonus cash is not generally withdrawable but only good for continued gambling. The online casino bonus depicted as a loyalty bonus is sometimes awarded to a player who may not place large bets, but, after having accumulated a certain amount of money in his or her casino account, the casino will award the player with a loyalty bonus.

It is not unusual for an online casino to offer loyalty bonus points in accordance with the type of casino game played. For example, more loyalty bonus points may be awarded for playing slots than for a game with lower odds such as roulette or blackjack.

Recently, the online casino bonus action for the loyalty bonus creates a loyalty account where the player's loyalty bonus points are accumulated. After a certain number of points accumulate, they are automatically transferred to the player's casino account for continued gambling.

Loyalty Bonus Levels

Some online casinos have several levels for the loyalty bonus. They are often described as Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond Obviously, the higher the level the more loyalty bonus benefits the player can acquire. As a general rule, if a player deposits up to $1000 in his or her casino account, he or she immediately begin to receive benefits. The higher the amount of cash deposited, the higher goes the level of the loyalty bonus.

As an online casino bonus, the loyalty bonus is undoubtedly the most worthwhile of all the promotions granted to online gamblers. There are always first deposit bonuses and special promotion bonuses, but these never reach the levels of benefits that a player can achieve through a loyalty bonus.