Choose Which All Slots Games you want to Play in Fight Club

Fight Club is a unique and brand new casino bonus program that has been introduced at All Slots. In this new and exciting casino promotion that is found at All Slots you can choose between one of two slots games to play which make up the Fight Club of the week. The idea behind Fight Club is that two different slots games are faced off against each other each week and you as a casino player get to choose which slots game you want to play in the hope that it will be the winning slots game. At the end of the week, the top 10 players of the winning slots game will receive casino bonus payouts and the top player on the leader board will receive a $400 gift.

Win Double Money in Fight Club Casino Promotion

Each week the game with the higher percentage of bets will become the leader and the top 10 players are awarded for this.  The top fifty players of the winning slots game after the top ten have been paid will receive 20 free spins. Each week All Slots gives out $2925 in prize money and 2000 free spins at the end of every round. What makes the Fight Club casino promotion so exciting is that each week you can still play in the Fight Club over the months of August and September as each round is with new games presenting a new challenge to the players.

View Your Fight Club Status on the Live Leader Board

The Fight Club promotion at All Slots is totally unique to this casino and offers a whole new style of casino promotion where you can actively enjoy casino slots games and be in with a chance to win part of the casino bonus offered. From week to week you are not bored of this casino bonus because the games change giving you variety. The leader board of the Fight Club can be viewed by all and you can see where you stand on the leader board together with the status of others. It is updated every 30 minutes providing you with a live feed of the status of the games together with a stance on where you are on the leader board. The Fight Club is a new casino promotion to All Slots which has proved to be very popular and although it is only running for 9 weeks this time, it has been suggested that it will feature again towards the end of the year.