Bonus Slots Games – the Secret to Great Slots

The latest online slots games today have many great features that set them far apart from the old, simple fruit machines of yesterday. One of the most common special features in online slots has been the inclusion of bonus slots games within the regular game. This is a separate bonus game that the online casino will embed inside the online slots game you are playing. Often, this bonus game will be activated when you spin a certain combination of the reels. Other times, the online casino has the bonus slots game begin when a certain symbol appears anywhere on the reels. Of course there is also a third option. Every now and then an online casino offers an online slots game where the bonus game appears at random. These bonus slots games are the way to really maximize the amount you could win.

How to Play Bonus Slots Games

There is a huge diversity to the bonus slots games. The simplest of the bonus game offered by an online casino is a quick gamble feature. After you have won on the reels, you will get a chance to double or even quadruple your winnings by taking one more risk. This type of bonus game as become fairly typical. Much more bonus slots games are available. In some of these you are taken to a whole new set of reels or game board. When you spin or play this type of bonus game, there are all sorts of things you could win. Some bonus slots games allow you to amass multiple free spins that have multiplier effects. Other online slots games have a bonus game that awards the largest cash jackpots in the bonus game. The catch is that you have to win in the regular game a certain amount of times before you can advance to the bonus game.

An Example of a Bonus Slots Game

Of all the bonus slots games offered by an online casino, one of the best is the bonus game in Thunderstruck. As you play the slots game Thunderstruck, the appearance of various figures allows you to open another door in the Great Hall of Spins. For example, getting three or more Thor's Hammer on the reels gives you access to this bonus game. Then, every time you activate this feature you will sequentially trigger further bonus features with different prizes. The Valkyrie Bonus is available from the first trigger of the Great Hall of Spins feature and gives you 10 Free Spins and 5x multiplier. The Loki bonus is activated from the 5th trigger of the bonus feature and awards you with 15 Free Spins and Wild Magic Feature. You should hit Wild Magic icon on the reels and it randomly transforms other symbols into additional substitutes. The Odin Bonus is available from the 10th trigger of the bonus feature and presents you with 20 Free Spins. There are also two Odin's ravens that can randomly turn symbols into 2x or 3x multipliers. In case both ravens land you will be awarded with 6x multiplier. Finally, the Thor Bonus is activated from the 15th trigger of the bonus feature. You get 25 Free Spins with rolling reels that can present you multiple consecutive wins. So you see, this bonus slots game can be far more lucrative than even the regular slots game.