5 Free Credits

Whoever said that you can't get something for nothing clearly hasn't enjoyed All Slots mobile casino fun. The All Slots site wants customer to come and enjoy themselves, and to enjoy coming back. To this end, they currently have a new 5 free credits promotion that joins the long list of their other promotions and bonus offerings.

How 5 Free Credits Works

The way that this casino bonus with the All Slots mobile casino works is as follows. When you come to All Slots mobile casino and open an account you'll get a welcome bonus that is a 5-credit free bonus. You'll get this automatically; it's not that you have to sign anything special or hound any sales people. The minute that you open an account with All Slots mobile casino, you'll have the 5 free credits. And, of course, keep in mind that your money is your own. This means that the credits that you purchase are available for you to take out anytime that you might want to do so, and there is no wagering needed or required.

Casino Bonus Fun

All of this adds up to additional casino bonus fun - above and beyond the fun you will already have just by playing at All Slots mobile casino. With the All Slots mobile casino, you'll be able to play a list of games from roulette and blackjack to slots and scratch cards, all from your iPad, iPod, Android, and other mobile devices. Now, add in the 5 free credits, and you have an offer that is hard to refuse.

More to the Welcome Bonus

Keep in mind that, along with the 5 free credits at All Slots mobile casino, you'll also get a 100% match welcome bonus of up to 200 bonus credits on the first deposit. The more that you play, in addition, with All Slots mobile casino, the more that they offer to you. After the 100% welcome bonus, you'll get 10% cash back for every deposit you make after that. This creates a total with All Slots mobile casino of up to 450 credits in bonuses that are possible every single month. And for those doing the math, it equals up to 5000 credits in bonuses during the year. That's a lot of welcome bonus, 5 free credits and other promotions wrapped into a great playing experience! This type of casino bonus is one example of the many ways that the All Slots mobile casino, and the online casino, try to help customers to have a wonderful time. Their 5 free credits casino bonus is a way to reach out to players and to offer something fun as you start to play!